...and from many more manufacturers.

All rights and property of the above mentioned logos belong to the manufacturer. Hascon is not an authorized reseller of the manufacturers named above.

Why is Hascon not an authorized reseller of the above mentioned manufacturers?

Hascon is an independent computer broker, buying and selling hardware of the above mentioned manufacturers from end-users, leasing companies, manufacturers, VARs, and others. Hascon resells used hardware of these above mentioned manufacturers and others.

Many of the sales representatives of above mentioned manufacturers are in steady contact with Hascon regarding used hardware. Many of them are buying used hardware for their own end-users, either of the manufacturer they represent, or of other manufacturers. Most of the well-known major computer manufacturers regularly supply Hascon with their trade-ins and obsolete hardware from their own data centers, which they operate for their customers. Hascon is a big buyer of used IT hardware.


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